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Paroles de 30 MPH de J. Quest

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Tracked in amaze, I'll show you amazement
Do what I do for your entertainment
Even on days when I'm feeling complacent
Off so on days when I'm losing my patience
I come to win they came to swag,
Running to the finish line while I'm getting left
Bunch of air ..like an empty bag,
No offense, but my mental was the opposite to that
Opposite to this, opposite to them,
Going enough for the dumb, getting humb,
'bout them rim jump up take flight, like a young true pay feelings
No need to be scared in the sheets, uh
What I'm dope like
Green vision only need the light.
Feeling home, only cross to a mike,
No more shine, when it come to the time, it's right.

I'm contemplating every move to make contemplate
And lose to break, trying my sorrows to this bottle
Missing pieces from last night
Accelerating from .., reminiscent my actions
Only to do and all again.

Her really and in euphoria
When it's .. entering into my aura,
Locking myself in the room
But lyrically jeans is what I get more ..
Aiming for .. list, although I'm human I'm minimizing my floss
Still again and again, but I start to begin to be legendary I go,
Let me talk about .

[Refrain] (x2)
Let me tell you what I've been about, what I've been on
You don't see me around, I get ghost,
Traveling in 30 mph per hour, down the highway as I coast
Cause I'm just riding while I'm rhyming, riding riding while I'm rhyming
I'm just riding while I'm rhyming, riding riding while I'm rhyming.

Hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel
No a .. say she wanna ride for the thrill
Got her adrenaline pumping,
Come to the crib music is bumping,
Opportunities to do it all
Or Maybe seat back, simply do nothing
One night back and she come back running
Life still shooting down like a dummy,
No time to waste so I pass on the chase
Hit the road 'bout the corner to 8
Only one of those nights, I'ma be up late
Think free, trying to be in a different mind state
Relax and then fade away attraction,
Need change like a permanent vaction
On state I'ma shout it out action
'cause it seems like I used to imagine,
I'm contemplating every move to make contemplating who's to break
Trying my sorrows through this bottle,
Missing pieces from last night accelerating for ..
Reminiscent my actions, only to do it all again.

I wanna make my minutes last
Stand time pass by from a now glass,
School cats, they never want to class,
My team dope, only we get the past
Trying to retire, by the age of 25
.. two niggas in a dime
Low where it go, gotta pay my steps
.. I'm working out getting in my wrest

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