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Paroles de 5AM In Brooklyn (Freestyle) de Joell Ortiz

5AM In Brooklyn (Freestyle) est une chanson de Joell Ortiz pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26 avril 2013.

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Yeah know me I flex muscle on anything any beat save
Can't just go floating that heat you're in ..face
Been hoping that a frog would jump there's so much leave space
But here nobody took to the air and I got this beat place
Firmly on the pay me nobody want with greatness
I mean mugging this niggas and never get this face list
I would see them favorite them bozy give up his basic
And niggas start sounding better when all take a vacation
I've been running round the world with this .. I'm back
Get a puppy right back on that corner with all the crack,
Couple kilos the water the shit got a couple of packs
And a couple of y all .. flip of a couple spit out his Mat
Man the whole block came this the hip-hop game,
Sweet coolin' running through the niggas pop veins,
Must a Brooklyn nigga come through again pop chains
Smack niggas and make em disappear like it's pop name
This my play ground be scared when I swing through
Here when I sly by, I see ..what the kid do
I was hot when I was a baby on fire as a young toddler
Dry ices and teen today I made out a larva
I swear to God when I say I am the best man I really mean it
Now cuffin' ..just standing here undefeated
Please don't be fool by the corner from this heat
When your head is full of hair you can do a lot of ..
See my name that you do it no flame swept through it
And that's the song on the joint with the mix cake it stupid
Got door way bars that could go and hang Mars
And I hang with the kind of martial that I don't ..
5am, that's the time I set my alarm,
Wash up going sweats go gagging along the palm
That's where I call the .. my condo is seating on with houses
That pretty start, our niggas just wish upon
You can kiss your well baby, just don't kiss and tell
You ain't got the didges my ..is in your sell
Please no InstaGram a picture can only tell a thousand words
Have a million positions all to yourself
My personal life is private, my public life is a riot,
Ride on so many planes, my .. choice is apilot
For currency different custom, my body is tired
But everything is working out, so yeah I decided to die
Lost a couple L B's no more triple .. and my..look like in the condos please
If I put you in that sleep up .. well squeeze and tighting to your knees
Giving this spell seas, you know I can really find it right nigga
Your man don't think I'm wrong if the right right hit you
Your face gonna look like a grip white..
Two evenings in a rod yeah night night nigga
I've been jumping ..since excite bite nigga,
You probably was with your sister, making light bright pictures
I came up in the projects, you niggas ain't that well,
Walking up the stairs I was crunching up crack fowls,
Walking outside I was dunking and make clap loud
.. like an MOP kind of record, ..
See stand up nigga get easily set down,
And the cops get.. I was later packed downs
I've been rhyming for others for other then see me short
Infinity is like a blur, but I never run out of thought
I'm focused a mother*cker and feel down the Forb
And ..don't have a prie tag some things can't be bought
I was school by the Og's right up under the ash in
Bottom of 40 tappin' right the old king ..Jackson
Dope boy fashion, ropes go caps .. them boll Jackson
When start the . with snappin
Funny I'm just rhyming I'm just listening like I'm snapping
And it rapping in directs, I'll be listening like what happened?
I gotta make sure I ain't gotta go ..sures,
I ain't gotta have my goons in your hotel room on the 8 floor
Before it's Twitter shit I ain't mean no that's funny
'cause in every rhyme I add it, I gave it a gut from me
I got the sense of humor, see ai ain't have no choice
Your jokes had to be fly, when you came up on me
No money, yeah so hungry, when food fell on the floor,
We picked it up in a hurry saying God made dirt,
And dirt don't hurt, really I stomach like going at ..
And now they're gonna work
Now I started from the bottom now I'm here
Not the top, not the bottom I'm somewhere,
In the middle not coach not a..
And wake up in the new Bugatti but I stare,
Through these New York streets I see clear in my review mirror
And all the bad bitches stare,
Guess I'm always moving up to do in this drop,
Please no jury do the man, I swear
Anyway, to all my fans, I'm sorry
I gotta end this verse, but this niggas know they can't harm me
Don't ever try to keep me out the party
Invited or uninvited I'll be in there with my army

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