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Paroles de 8-bit World de Your Favorite Martian, Hoodie Allen

8-bit World est une chanson de Your Favorite Martian, Hoodie Allen pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21/08/2011.

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Your Favorite Martian
Mannnn I feel like
We live in a life of Nintendo, cause reality's such a hassle
Sometimes I even find my princess in another castle
I should ask +Dr. Mario+ for medicine
Mabybe hit up +Little Nemo+ for a sedative
And slip into a +Final Fantasy+ until the sequels get repetitive
You know I'll never let this, stack up against me - +Tetris+
Some call me +Pac-Man+, mak-a-mak-a-mak-a
Cause I eat these spirits for breakfast
And if my game ain't startin, baby feel free to blow on my cartridge
Alcohol makes everything so pixelated when you party in a

8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-BIT WORLD - you know we livin in a
8-BIT WORLD - we're side scollin in this
8-BIT WORLD - collectin coins in a
8-BIT WORLD - we're next level

Hoodie Allen
Nowadays, my life's so complicated
My TV's 3D, not pixellated
The music's for free and 5, 6, 7, 8 bit
Plug me in, you don't even gotta say shit
Hittin all my neighbors in Mercedes okay they annoyed
Ask me why I do it cause I'm all about the +Paperboy+
Let me know that I am just the illest villain they employed
Let me slow it down, slow it down with the illest noise
Damn girl, you kinda made my screen froze
Take you to my D-pad who you who's the hero
Give you all the recap, got a +Metal Gear+ flow
Cause I'm so +Solid+, my whole team brolic
Came to +L.A.+ man, now I gotta +Dodger+
You ain't gonna make it in these streets like Frogger
I'm on YouTube like a blogger
You heard me, groupies wanna blow, +Kirby+


Your Favorite Martian
I drink until I feel like Tyson punched me out
And until these chicks get sick of us
I'll collect hearts like +Kid Icarus+
Hey Princess did I tell you?
I'm gonna be the next +Legend of Zelda+
I'm gonna be the one makin noise
A real +Mega Man+ amongst +Paperboys+

Hoodie Allen
I take these ploys, lay them out, tell them see you later
Haters gettin in my face so I'ma call them +Space Invaders+
Once I get her, I'ma take her
Ya'll say that this is luck son
But they don't ever shoot me down (down)
+Duck Hunt+



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