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Paroles de Amethyst Rockstar de Joey Badass, Kirk Knight

Amethyst Rockstar est une chanson de Joey Badass, Kirk Knight pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 28/06/2013.

Les paroles de Amethyst Rockstar ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible qu'elles contiennent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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Joey Bada$$
Yo, when the rap turn into a fashion show
Too many makeup artists won't let they passion show
The anti-social mogul, havin' 20/20 visions
In need of bifocals, for your eyes dilated, orals open wide
Never did I, or hoes - suck a dick, dilated 'til my...
Hit my main bitch in the...
I'm not Pinocchio, I never lied, I'd poke her nose
With the dopest dope, brand new Pablo, brand new gospel Escobar and Apollo
Swig a... I'll put a pic on the site in megabytes
Y all niggas tickin' me off like headlights
Get ya head right, it all falls down
My bread right on the house
I was on 106 & Park and still on the couch
Like "bitch, fuck Jacob" - I went to meet my maker
With 25 scared stones, told him save me a few acres

[Refrain] Joey Bada$$
Yeah, 'cause we just some Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Try and aim at this rock star

Kirk Knight
(Time just keeps on fallin', fallin', fallin'...)
How is Hip-Hop dead? I'm still makin' a killin'
Banana clip peelin' and hos I'm still stealin'
This is not for the soda pop niggas
Take me to the leader of the new school or the block dealers
'Cause all these fakes emcees take from those figures
Is what get fake emcees in front of loose triggers
Can't knock the hustle though, a mix of Buss and Jigga
And lookin' through my eyes you can kinda get the picture
Mo' money mo' problems as ya get notorious
Inglorious, until you're a big victorious, no show
The only way ya get to see the kid is through a photo
Or burning up logos...
And the females come out at night
And when the find the pot a gold they strike, seducing me with
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you nice on the mic, yeah, you lookin right"
"And you just my type" ("yo, bitch, don't get me tight!")
Her friend split and dipped, damn I should've seen this
I'm in a boobie trap and that's some clever ass cleavage
Well, I think with my dick, I know you wanna blow my mind
For that reason, she said "you've got clever speakin'"
And after I'm done, I've still got her leakin'
And I dipped off, 'cause knowledge a nigga still seekin'
What you lookin' at, son? I might rob you blind
Defined by every line, niggas tryna outshine
We're both our #1 enemies, it's sad, though
One on one, and it takes two niggas to tango
Two niggas to tango
Watch me go Rambo...
(Don't front on a nigga like me...)
(Time just keeps on fallin', fallin', fallin'...)

[Refrain] Joey Bada$$
Yeah, 'cause we just some Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Amethyst Rockstars
Try and aim at this rock star

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