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Paroles de Awesome de Sammy Adams

Awesome est une chanson de Sammy Adams pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 08/01/2014.

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I get it crackin and it's so fuckin awesome
(awesome, awesome, awesome)

Sammy Adams
Snappy chick in a Barbour coat
Was talking loudly on the phone
About how she's a model
Jumpin out, she thinks she's awesome
Hung over kid from AD
Late to class daily
Runnin from his dorms, jukin people like he's AP (let's go)
Got a emo girl who hates to teach
Hates the boys, always cheats
Make up on the eyes, lookin fried like she on the streets
Real pic chick in a sun dress
Hopin to get undressed
The person the most drinks
Body losin contest (let's go)

So fuckin awesome
So fuckin awesome
So fuckin awesome
'Cause there's a party up at my crib
Oh I get it crackin right
Bring the party back to life
I get it crackin and it's so fuckin awesome

So fuckin awesome
So fuckin awesome
So fuckin awesome
And there's a party up at my crib

Sammy Adams}
There's Fratty Dudes With Bad Tanks
Glasses With They Frat Names
Do You Know Brother?
Made Me Wait Outside So Mad Late
Damn What The Fuck Is This?
Can't Get In If You Ain't Rich
Over Like 1000 Chicks
Who Think You're Fuckin Awesome
Get The Party Crackin Right
Might Introduce To Your Wife
Steal Her, If You Actin Like A Bitch
Hate Me, That's Alright
You Ain't Bout The Athlete Life
Runnin Round, You Yackin Nice
Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Don't Matter Long As The Package Right


Sammy Adams
Okay she to they side and plays with guys
Went to Major Lazer
But standing right in the paper
And said fuck it, I'll just plagiarize
Academic pro, not a pro
That's probation
But twerk it like a pro
Thanks Diplo, that's amazing
And the girl is on the soccer team
I can tell her body's lean
And she like a goalie, takin more shots than a hockey team
First week she was probably clean
Last week she a molly fiend
This week she's a party queen
It's so fuckin awesome


My life's awesome
You like "awesome"
Awesome, awesome
We just awesome
We just awesome
Party up at my crib, let's go

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