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Paroles de Bitch I'm Paid de Chris Brown

Bitch I'm Paid est une chanson de Chris Brown pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis mai 2012.

Les paroles de Bitch I'm Paid ont été corrigées, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say
She drop it on the floor and its money on the way
I say bitch I'm paid that's all I gotta say
When you talk about the money pedi-k pedi-k
I say bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say
When the media to talk about the niggas gonna bluh
And roll up bitch I'm paid it's all I gotta say
Every fuckin day I'm gettin paid

I'm grindin hard but this money is callin the shut
Got that big banking this money long and they stick in my hand the pot
With this rolex I ball flex and my ears looking like ah
Better better gone here get bullshit
'cause I ain't talking you not better put your hands on
You wanna knuckle up
Say you got the ride for the buff
I got bands up on them dancers when your ship is up you come f*ckwith us
It's a real nigga a fair 'cause them real niggas in here
Girl better get upon me for a real nigga disappear
Got that ghost outside waiting ..cameras hating
Got my shades on nigga wanna call
Wanna talk that shit elevate, all my nigga celebrate
If my bitches stat you snippin you'll be proud up in my base and
No location that she crap
Ha what you mean I big hit it, are you talkin bout my dick
What you mean that shit peddy, are you talkin bout my bitch
Talking bout my ..i'm a light brighten
And talking bout my wrist
Didn't know I could rap right, nuh
But this that shit


I knock operate my occupation is to occupy
All this nation give me communication with your lady
In my new Mercedes, I'm riding down with my..
Too much smoke up in my wee
Better let that shit roll ice
Better get me nah nah nah
Call me ..and call me papa
I'ma be your kicky my style
Go a nigga whine up
But you know a nigga really want you
Bang bang I did the damn thing
But you really hit it again and make a bitch role up
I own this necklace matter of fact that's really my shit
That's my ring, that's my range
I'ma put to make your bitch my bitch
I said money ain't never an issue
Grind nigga gonna take a tissue
It's crazy in the club the night
And nigga ain't seeing you


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