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Paroles de Blow Out de Juicy J

Blow Out est une chanson de Juicy J pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2014.

Les paroles de Blow Out ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est probable qu'il y ait toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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That's cash, nigga, I got bundles of it
You don't like it, but these bitches love it
If money ain't the topic, no discussion
I'mma need you broke niggas to change the subject
Niggas mad cause they see me stuntin'
Bet you hide when you see an OG coming
Catch me in the whip that I do about 200
In a whole month like I'm TV Johnny
Homie, I've been doing this shit, I'm a vet in this
Shit, you little niggas need to catch up
That Ferrari out there so fast it can fly
So sick it need a check up
Niggas went down when the chips wasn't low
Now they think I owe them something
Same niggas who was talking down on me
Want me to throw 'em something
Motherfucker, I walk up in the club then show out
Po' more out, you tripping if you bring your ho out
I throw dough out
Ain't nothing changed but my change and my chains and I'm ballin'
Numbers on the board, look like a blow out
Came this far all on my own
Hit after hit, now I'm in my zone
Bitch, I topped the charts [...]
Now the Billboard's my second home (ballin')

Blow out - ballin' (8x)
Just bought a cemetery (blow out- ballin')
They killing niggas all day (blow out- ballin')
Just put a million on the Lakers (blow out- ballin')
And I ain't ever at the games (blow out- ballin')
Smoking weed with a politician (blow out- ballin')
The nigga wearing my chains (blow out- ballin')
We go to dinner every night, celebrate (blow out- ballin')
Tip a hundred racks to the waitress (blow out- ballin')

Living in the clouds, but I still see clear
Motherfuckers hate the fact that we still here
I tour all year, if it's cash then I'm all ear
Same team, different state, feeling like my peers
I'm the star here, making toast, burning bread, nigga
My new gold chain exciting the feds, nigga
Got it on my own, never had to beg, nigga
Now everything Louie, Gucci in the mass, nigga
Still rolling up fresh out of the pound, nigga
Fly in your bitch then hit the town with her
You know Juicy the type to po' up, roll up a swisher then I get her high
Ain't no coming down, nigga, hash all in my rillo
My eyes in the red zone, but nah I ain't touchdown
Hoes used to flex on me
Now they do anything just to get me to cuff now
Only rock the finest shit
Closet filled with designer shit
All this ice in my rollie
I can't even see what time it is
I be thumbing through a check, bruh
Watch the Louie V store on Rodeo get shut down
Hit you niggas with the tech, bruh
Taking shots from the free throw line, but it ain't no fouls (ballin')

Blow out - ballin' (8x)
I'm allergic to these broke niggas (blow out- ballin')
So I went and bought a plane (blow out- ballin')
Duffle with Columbians (blow out- ballin')
While you niggas cutting cake (blow out- ballin')
I'm Russia buying diamonds (blow out- ballin')
While you niggas buying chains (blow out- ballin')
Your wife say ''Juicy, when y all fucking?'' (blow out- ballin')
Get used to my name (blow out- ballin')

Your wife say ''Juicy, when y all fucking?''
Get used to my name

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