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Paroles de Chop de The Cool Kids, The HBK Gang

Chop est une chanson de The Cool Kids, The HBK Gang pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2014.

Les paroles de Chop ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est probable qu'elles contiennent toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Live nigger, brought back to start it
When I get there first I'mma call you
It's time for the game, I'mma charge you
So self for the low, yu can call me
When you get up there ask for Charlie.
Looking like appalled glass of water n the track
Sound like I'm trapping at the corner with the coffee.
Sound like I'm following the start.
It's the part, put the hammer on the blamer,
Like, let it pomp like it's Tony Montana
Wanna know what my stash is for
Couldn't really tell you if you ask me, though
Couldn't really tell if she got ass or no
A tan and a face is all I asking for
A tan and a white collar band
Back when I used to tie my shoe strings
She was ridding wild like the Wu-Tang
Probably beat Tommys in the North fish
Lot of this selling like a punk face, motherfucker,
A chain on the chest like a neck brace
I do everything, everything is on my radar.
I pick up where we left 'cause we sell records.
Mix a little bit of pussy in the blender.
A test, you say sex, I say yes, You say less
Wavers in Mordello's with a pierce
Bullets in the chamber but an early dismissal.
It's not out of the question
I'm not 'bout to arrest you
Way too skinny to be the guinea
Pig we be testing on
But I ain't ever wanted to get this out of hand
Record now daddy when we call you
We tick it like ash and rock
We kick it like action in Bronx
Well, my head go inside the Vortex
Reach in and pull out corporates
I'm bored with this world,
I was getting endorsements.
Back then when my parents wasn't divorced yet
That was a long time ago, I should know
My b make my room look like cosmic bowl
Stars are all you got in store?
I'll come with a prie on deposit doors.

What you looking at?
What you get payed for
Shake that thang, girl
You know what it made for.
You know my cheddar chat around
But they can't rap like this
My cheddar chat around
But they can't rap, no

Make the move before our West side thugs shoot
Had a lot of niggers touch her but she ain't got love
It better than the mamma but she ain't my blood
Real niggers only rap about the shit they does
I'mma see in this, make her get the money, make her be in this
Got her eyes seeing shit, put the pussy clean the shit
Like my niggers be in this


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