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Christmas Eve est une chanson figurant sur l'album Under The Mistletoe (piste numéro 8) de Justin Bieber sorti en 2011.
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Justin Bieber
It's our holiday (yeah, yeah yeah)

Spend it with you baby.
I think that I'm in love this Christmas. (yeah)
Just hanging stockings on the fire place.
You know that Santa's coming to town.
I'm the one who wants to take you on a sleigh, right now!.
So today is all about you baby.
The mistletoe can pull us closer that's what I'm waiting for.
It sorta feels like it's valentine's,
So I'm entering the top of your roof, them sleigh bells is ringing ...
I'll be up all night with you,
Them carols are singing.
Japan to Peru,
Baby me and you,
This Christmas Eve!

Be my date this Christmas Eve!
Be my holiday, my dream!
(lay your head on me)
I got you baby!
Kissing underneath the tree,
I don't need no presents girl You're everything I need!
Let me give you all of me to you! Together on this Christmas Eve...

You leave some cookies out,
Imma eat em all.
Nobody can see me but you,
It's so magical.
When we use imagination!
We can fly to never, Neverland
To north pole, is that cold! ...
If you wanna go!
I got you baby.


(Be my)
(be my)
Christmas Eve!
(Be my)
(be my)
Christmas, Christmas!
(Be my)
(be my)
Christmas Eve!
I promise I won't do you wrong!!


(Be my)
(be my)
Christmas Eve!
Be, Be,
(Be my)
(be my)
Christmas Eve! Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be
(Be my)
(be my)
Christmas Eve!

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