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Paroles de Come Near de Lykke Li

Come Near est une chanson de Lykke Li pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées en mai 2012.

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In the night when I lay my head
I come down to pay myself
In the morning when the light is bright
I forgot just where I've been
All I know is that it's happenin' right
In the center of ?
I'm gone like a ramblin' man
Before the rush comes kickin' in
So gone

[Refrain] (x4)
Near, hey ya
Come near, come come

Drop in on me like I knew you would
Like a kiss from my baby's would
We are two, we are one inside
Livin' life and we're understood
We go north, we go back in time
We go home to make you love us
And we dive in the fire of love
From the north to the shore to the time bomb bomb

Sock it, sock it
Sock it, sock it, uh

Sock it to me like a good bar boy
You are mine, ali pop, you're my sugary shark
I get high, they won't know that I died in your arms
To the sound of the bass to the beat of a tom
Here they come, here they come
Here they come, here they come


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