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Paroles de Congratulations de Cocaine 80s, Common, James Fauntleroy

Congratulations est une chanson de Cocaine 80s, Common, James Fauntleroy pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2013.

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Flowers bloomed, the early part of June
Knewn as the time staying tune, there's a lot going through my mind
Got up this morning smelling like vumes of wine,
My man had his bachelor in exclusive time,
We're getting ready now, he bout to walk the owe
A pimp's funeral, but we're going walk in style
I'm feeling proud, yeah I'm feeling funny
And it ain't 'cause it's nigga still owe me money
'Cause this my buddy here, we been through lots of years
Lots of beers, lots of fights, lots of nights,
Dreams about our career, now we're here in this..
I remember back when we was hustlers,
Move work, doing dirt, girl say we hold around,
Still doing it huh, reach us older now,
Fixing his boat I ..color I fold it down
I'm the best man, I'm supposed to hold it down
We're sober now, but I'ma be lit tonight
One of these rise I might have to hit tonight
He said the light is this fist song I'm honored,
It's already been drama, she don't like his mama,
Maybe that's coma, huh, he's a good cat,
A good cat ain't supposed to be with her, a hood rat,
I knew about back back when we went to ..on you
And like a black college a lot of niggas ran through scandalous
It's like you can't trust, whatever you get is jsut never enough
Plus about her, it's too much stuff of being straight bogus
She is on the casp, I'm a hush, 'cause today is this big day
This colors we went they ain't big game,
But anyway I told her when he first started
Now we must search for the sincerely departed,
Am I being jealous hearted, I'm debating,
Maybe 'cause my gaz in love I'm just hating
We're waiting on revel .. and for heart to get ready
The church bells is ringing and then the ring is real heavy
Heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy

Now you remember that man? Remember that y all
I ain't ..I keep making this step, but it's good, yeah
I got to remain ..gotta do, it's a good thing for you man
Yeah we do, it's gonna be rock.

It's a black wedding, you know it's started late,
Family members are get.., who gonna get a plate?
This relatives saying they just can't relate to her being this misses
It's a big mistake, I feel the same way, I'm trying to be supportive
It's hard when I think a ball player, she didn't caught it
But I ain't gonna agitate, I'm gonna congratulate
It's like the weave have this real, have this fake
They knew the cater us so they gotta have the rate,
How father mister cook, looking like he have bake
Pimped out the red velvet, it took masticate,
Looking at his watch damn, I must G pass his..
But wait, oh shit, that goes his ex girl shine on
Man I hope it don't be no drama
That lady in the big hat, that his grand mama
For him taking the step I at least got an honor
'cause Maybe things change and I'm just tripping
We walking down the awl this CD is skipping
I read between the lies, see us asign
Kind of mixed about it, will be my time,
To settle down a niche ..going petals down,
Looking at marriage, narrow is the ow,
As they was saying their vows a ghetto falling off
With the song all loud, wipping my brown 'cause now I'm nervous
She looking beautiful in her dress,
I'm looking at the cruves it's natural to look
I try to look on, he says ..hold your piece, I gave a goos cuff
I used mysterious, the ..smelling filty,
But on the real, I'm the one feeling guilty
'cause if this course, then I had to tell the truth
I should have told my man before he said I do

I gotta tell you what's good, think it's all bad
I congratulate you like it's all that
Got my dress I stand up for your celebration
Even though it's love imitation, imitation,
Imitation yeah, imitation

Congratulations my man
For real good love with that, hey
You can't appreciate the sunshine
If you never in.
And it's gonna rain.

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