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Paroles de Countdown de Chris Brown

Countdown est une chanson de Chris Brown pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2012.

Les paroles de Countdown ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est probable que se dissimulent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Lights out, countdown
You should take it off right now
It's the countdown, about to play you out
..i wanna get it like yeah
Lights out, yeah, count down, yeah
I try to take it off right now
It's the countdown, about to wake you out!

I've been trying to get it to you...
I've been in your house, fuck you on your couch..
And we go up and down, you're screaming out, this gig amazing
And you gonna make a nigga wanna...put me in a cage.
I never turned out that ass...
And I bring all my money on it
I know you know my girl mad, so we're fucking till the morning
You're dirty, watching me...


I'mma get all a bit of this lady
And I'll be kissing and licking on your body
And you can ride me, cause you know this dick stupid, ain't it?
And i'mm ... make that pussy famous!
And if you nigga tripping,
I'mma trip in and... make them payments
Girl, what time you want me to pull out to your house
I'll slip in when he step out
He go, I'm partying with his boss
And I'll be partying in your mouth
...i don't care if you get it, I'll always be that nigger!

[Refrain] make it easy you all night
And baby when I get it, i'mma get in
We gonna make love, love!


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