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Paroles de DGAF de Tito Lopez

DGAF est une chanson de Tito Lopez pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le vendredi 19 avril 2013.

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Plottin on you niggas from behind that curtain
Flexin on that bapa like diamond mccurtain
Ain't this about the time you figure I be hurting
I be working at the range, aim, bang, gotta be certain
Fuck what the world say, tell me what your girl say

Breaking up weed, on these niggas, cd sippin earl grey
While they get head from junkers with a pocket full of furplay
And crackers killin blacks so precision, that james earl ray
These niggas used to be legends, out here washed up
The realest is down in the sip, I got this crossed up
You get offended, fuck you and your whole squad
Grew up in the valley and out here a gangster
Oh god, I'm the closest to the streets
Focused tryina eat, while fucking that bitch ain't got a deal
I sole how I speak
Know me, I'm a freak, got her shirt open and jeans off
Made me breakfast when we left the club on that ring walk
Get that, hah, now everybody say they believe in me
When the shit hit the fan, they be leaving me
These niggas steady sneak, dissing, think I'm blind to it
Get no response from a g, you could see I maim to it
To paint on the face, no pork on the fork
Gave birth to these niggas, had intercourse with the store
Ain't no issue with you you pussy
I can send my chick loyal to my team
And no honor, but I've been a dick
I miss south but let me apologize
I wanted to take all them hoes from them college guys
Them creep called me and told me I should have been there
I let my fans down, but I promise make sure I'm in there
Got a ...that won't let go, wanna ride, yeah slow
Bust a move or loose me, fucking with my bread hoe
Wanna make me wake like escrow
Put my ... on bank roll
So I kept my head like pop like killers
That pop just cause I said so
It's gpt for life cause that's how it started
Nitty and the boys, all I hear getting retarded
Dearly departed, I'm feeling like I'm machiavelli
Need my percentage, I'm represented by wakavelli
Yeah, this that american history x
You niggas bout to get pissed at me next
Told me I wouldn't be nothing, till I start something
Back against the wall, start busting
Cause I don't give a fuck nigga
Cause I don't give a fuck nigga
You and your whole crew
I don't give a fuck nigga
Come bust at me I got the target at my back
Cause I don't give a fuck nigga
Gbt for life in this bitch
Cause I don't give a fuck nigga
Cause I don't give a fuck nigga
Ain't got no room for no fuck nigga
Booda beats, I don't give a fuck nigga.

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