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Paroles de Do It (version francaise) de Lazze, Mohombi

Do It (version francaise) est une chanson de Lazze, Mohombi pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21 février 2011.

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Ooh-wee-ooh C'est pour la dancefloor
(Here we go)
C'est pour la dancefloor

I do it for family and friends
And my fans on tour
Do it from the heart
When it hits the store
And to hits your ear
Something you give more
Make you wanna some more
And I give it some more
And I can never give 'em enough
It seems I give it up
All the words will stuck
Whole later
The boys are amazing
As I was, I got the dancefloor shakin'
From the top floor, down to the basement (aha)
And the black eyed were spending living
Better believe, I've got this feeling, Black Eyed Peas
Make you booty-trap on for you playing
When they ask where I do it for
I'll say

[Refrain Français]
Je le fais pour lui, pour elle, on vient de loin (ooh-ooh-wee)
Je [...] le son mortel et je le fais bien (ooh-ooh-wee)
Je le fais ma cité, ma famille, mon quartier
Mais ce soir c'est pour la teuf, donc dansez jusqu'à l'aube

[Refrain Anglais]
C'est pour la dancefloor
Ask me when I'm so fown, fown
Cos You know it's going down, down
C'est pour la dancefloor
Ask me when I'm so fown, fown
Cos You know it's going down, down

Ah, Viva La Vida on the play, on the Coldplay
When I feel flay, table and press play
Figured by back in the day
Get mama in the crib when I'm working on my work play
Keep dreaming, that's what sun say
My mama did not rease the fool compending
Way back when I use the wrap off lunchdays
I knew I'll make it to the top, one day
Now days, a flaw-pa
How the core in this spaceship, saffa
Give me take into the world, ba-pa
With my pokerface, so Gaga
No mission is impossible
The jam black, Tom Cruise
I mean, no, that cool
So when you ask me what I do
'Til what I do
Where I do it for
I'll say

[Refrain Français]

[Refrain Anglais]

Music on, start it
I've never heard it never more
Music on, start it
Quand on prend le micro
Music on, start it
T'as besoins de nitro
Music on, start it
Oh, start it, oh, start it

[Refrain Français] (x2)

[Refrain Anglais]

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