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Don't Shoot est une chanson de Chamillionaire pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis 2013.

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Come on, I know the government's working
You ain't never seen a man bursting
Do you really think that you're the only person
That sees the...that you're searching?
Can't flick the channels just surfing
Cause I heard we're bout to stop murking
I changed the channel to the news channel
What the hell they talking bout twerking
I'm American my folks African
Mom say she bought the gold back again
Y all chasing yeys and Kardashians
Not even see what's happening
Police is knows for drug trafficking
Put a package on ya and trafficking
Your keys is know you key straps with them
I'm like hide the beast we know about ya
Molly twerk one show about ya
Beast we know about ya
Molly twerk one show ain't got ya
Eating tight like you bought that life
You bring that knife to a show with flocka
Your pity yey it's just so improper
Petty show with your effort locker
So we buck up I'm gonna block her
Your daddy will have to ask for a docket
That's true!

Youngin in the streets tryna move a brick
You don't really care if you proof or spit
Got the hammer on his hip feeling too legit
On fire, they like it they copy
And all they want is some Versace, Versace
He's after that cream and he's only 16

Don't shoot!
No need to tell me who's bopping
Can't you see the drones in the sky?
Like do you think that they're watching
I really try to keep to myself
Keep getting caught up in all the hate
I hope the verses y all made for Kendrick
Bring the economy back to life
Don't shoot! Really, that'd be great
Don't shoot! Really, that'd be great
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Graduated at the homie packs
Cause homey showed them how the package's right
Ironically he's never grabbed the knife
They'd be calling everybody rappers right?
His family rich but he'd be acting like
Wanna leave it all to lead a retched life
You actin like you wanna sacrifice
Your whole life that you could leave the rap behind?
Impressing who? Does this even equal success to you?
If it do, rest it boy, you are here to hear the intellectual
See many people and many jeans
Get plenty crimes that they'll never do
Your favorite rapper ain't in the streets
He at a nice hotel right by a festival
Stop watching WCW your life is something like MMA
See they complain about and they say
But they snitching on themselves everyday
Got you fools got snitching grams
Got crime line what up face crook
Posting picture from the trap show
They hustle harder than a...

Come on, can't you see the feds watching?
Do you think that your color odds are the only think that they're popping?
I really try to keep to myself
Keep getting caught up in all the hate
I hope the feds will come down your dough
And...on your diamond life
Don't shoot! Don't get blown away
Don't shoot! Don't get blown away
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Cause missiles only....

Your favorite trapper drops a CD that'll save ya
Hope your favorite rapper isn't still on tour in Asia
Hope your favorite actor turns into the Terminator
Better high right now

I stay hungry plus I got an appetite
We had some skittles and a snapper right?
The last one made me wanna snap tonight
My angry rapper's what I'm acting like
You know I really ain't the acting type
I really like it if there was one to mine
You'd be apologizing in the after life
Cause I'm black or white is really whack or right
The raps are right you're sounding so hypocritical
I wouldn't take it if you know individual
They try to tell me that he know he a criminal
But I'm the one to tell him that I know he a general
Hard to say they can't stay on
It's kinda hard to tell them just brace on
Really feeling like you get prayed on
So I think we need a liaison
Y all saw what happened to Treyvon
And if we bomb and they bomb
Who the hell are we to say they wrong

Don't shoot! Mr. President we're all watching
Can't you see we got army guns and...dropping
I really try to keep to myself
Keep getting caught up in all the hate
You really think the new love for guns
Is gonna raise the ones that they got tonight
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Cause missiles only say K-boom! K-boom!

Nothing really giving me a new feeling
Nothing really giving me a new feeling
We don't need a down fix we just need a new ceiling
Oh kill'em! Oh kill'em!
Yeah I see the bullet didn't mean it
Yeah I think the government
Will try to stay the new villain
The other day I hear a mother say
She had dreamed that the president would take us top a world
I heard somebody else say when it does happen
Hopefully they'll put it out for world star

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