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Paroles de Ebony and Ivory de Ro Ransom

Ebony and Ivory est une chanson de Ro Ransom pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 05/06/2013.

Les paroles de Ebony and Ivory ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est possible qu'il y ait toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Keep it to yourself, baby keep it on the low
I'm a fucking rolling stone, ain't nobody gotta know
You can tell 'em how it was, just don't tell em it was Ro
And my city never sleeps, fuck I look like moving slow?
I'm bout to ask baby girl if she wants to take a ride
Hit her with a pop quiz right now
Everybody watching our moves;
Man I guess it's really truth too
When they say that we them kids right now
You're messing with a true rap god...
I'm the best in the biz right now
I suggest you relax and take notes;
'Cause I'm bout to tell these busters
Just exactly what it is right now
I'm the shit right now, uh
My ex girl fucking with these other rappers
That's cool, cause there's none before, nothing after
And you can't escape me, ain't no ducking Casper
I'm on that purple and pink like a fucking raptor
Call me if you need it done
Too easy, gotta question if it's even fun
Ro Ransom Is The Future, like Vegeta's son
Handicap match with her friends, that's a three on one

Put it on my team, everything on me
Shooting for the top, Ebony & Ivory
I've got one of ones on me, money in my jeans
So much love for where I'm from
I ain't nothing like you've seen

Go on, cop it, I don't care what the cost nigga
I'm in the building showing off like I'm Dolph Ziggler
I want the cars black and the lofts bigger
My heart cold dog, these hoes made the frost thicker
Like that Brooklyn girl that I was stuck on
That went and move the fuck on, so then I moved the fuck on
Now she's saying my name through the grapevine
So I'm changing my number at the same time
I'm everywhere, you ain't never there
You only come around when the weather's fair
In this bitch, making noise like a leather chair
You niggas stealth in the game like Metal Gear
I wish you would say my name go ahead chief
Sleeping on me? I put fire to the bedsheets
I went where the road led me,
It's funny how 'Yote dead beef,
But he still don't eat red meat


You out your mind, tryna go 'gainst me
Like coke and speed, ontop of some potent weed
Ain't no MC, can catch me on their old 10 speed
I'm so in the lead, fate, it was spoken to be
My niggas told me cut deeper make my foes 'dem bleed
And you know, Ro's friends get what Ro's friends need
You can bet I'll let em have it, Semi-automatic
When I pull it, it remains drawn, bullets in a rainstorm

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