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Paroles de Excuse Me Mr. de No Doubt

Excuse Me Mr. est une chanson de l'album Tragic Kingdom de No Doubt sorti en 1995.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées en septembre 2012.

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I'm like a beggar with no luck
I'm holding signs up
On your street corner stops
Like most you try not to see me
You stare straight ahead
Ignore the responsibility
Excuse me...excuse me Mr.
I've been waiting in line
And I'd like to buy some of your time
I'm very anxious, eager, willing
What's your billing?

So please excuse me Mr.
You've got things all wrong
You make it feel like a crime
So don't confuse me Mr.
I've known you too long
All I need is a little of your time

For most love comes for free
They don't pay the high cost
Of mental custody I'll pay bail for a guarantee
Please make space for me In the time yet to be

Excuse me...excuse me Mr.
I've been waiting in line
And I'd like to buy
Some of your time
I've been saving up my life
What's your price?


What should I do
I'm about to crack
And there's a force
That comes over me
It's almost as if I'm tied to the tracks
And I'm waiting for him
To rescue me
The funny thing is
He's not going to come
He's not going to find me This is a matter of fact
The desire you lack
This is the way I guess it has to be...

A little of your time
I need a little of your time
Please,a little of your time


I'm in line to buy time
I'm in line to buy time
(Merci Gabrielle.O pour les paroles)

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