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Paroles de Feel Inside de Ghetts

Feel Inside est une chanson de Ghetts pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en janvier 2014.

Les paroles de Feel Inside ont été corrigées, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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I see the devin in my sleep
Thank God for every bless that I receive
And I've got lesson, lesson I can teach
In a way I never want but I'm listening the ...
Fate it's my drug and he try to give me last ...
Can't see air but it's there
And in fact you breath enough air the same as me
I use to have a heart ...full of dollars
Don't need benefits as...
Today afrain to face this tomorrow
To myself .. I got anything I need
I use to win a ...i can ball
Ut people use to tell me everyday I ball my ...
Insecure about my smile so I wanna put my money
But my mouth is now as everything to see
I'm just a victim for someone else
...her husband
I will never conform with what I use to have ...
..windows but my ...
And I hate that one
Niggas you talking like you know me but we ain't friends
..they hate me
But if anybody love me I'll be running
But I'm ...
...the music it's something I can't handle
How you never ever like the rap
I want the sun ...
How can I be an artist that police can't cancel
Well I can lead you and the ..
..that I'm seeing for so long
It's been gone, it's the gun
Ain't the same
But this shit become not ever rapper rap this
....bout traping
I was trapping when I use to hand around
But I ain't jump when I ...
...to be killing
When that it's out of ..
Yeah lok at me I survive
...for the second I arrive
Never mind
This for the ....since the people that compare me
But deep in hands with album
The only think they hear from me it's ...
...that you are ...and still in...
..i stand and I'm stuck
It's like keep the critics ...when they watch
Get this and get's that
You never get shut when ge drop
Some of you won't take this boy
Whenever o could be the ...
Call and take back
I wanna won this new shit...
Anyway but enough from the street
Let's talk about how ..in music
....remember how's the movement
..and the blue print
Trust me now I'm back from my ...
You'll be acting like a ....
Yes I'm the dude it make me the ...
There some rules for this shit
But I never read the manual
...so May thing differently
Now every move I make succeed from the ....
While I'm out fuck the ...
If the day it's the shit, repetition
It's ashamed same shit ...
Leave all this ...
Just let my God just tell the world how I've been feling like
The ....should told me that I should how I feel inside
So I just let my gun to tell the world just how I'm feeling like
They don't feel me well
Love for the G
You already know

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