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Paroles de Fuck You Mean de QuESt (FL)

Fuck You Mean est une chanson de QuESt (FL) pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21 janvier 2014.

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Little one
Seventeen gunning for the
Number one
One year later went back to the slums
Shit fucked up
I tell my troops
No gavel, let it unravel
Spent it from my hard watch
My worst travel might feel fowl on the outside
I was in the car, points in the bar
Never kept scar
Nazi told me to rout their shorts
Before Scareface earned my applause
These broads came better than a Dave Chappelle skeet
Pray you felt it, ways are Celtic
My spirit is warrior
This is the story of Miami's
Chronicles told by a part of us
Me and my vicious crew, so sit back and listen through
What you did, turn off the screen?!?

Fuck you mean?
There must be something wrong with your mind
The fuck is up with your clapping,
Get your hand up out of my pocket!
Fuck you mean?
Must be out your mind or retarder
Tryna stop what we started
Ain't no need for the trigger, we got it!
Fuck you mean?
Can we be going? We going
We be going where nobody's ever gone before
Can we be going? We going
We be going where nobody's ever gone before


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