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Paroles de Future Days de Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam vous propose Future Days, le single extraite de son album Lightning Bolt.
Les paroles sont présentes depuis 2013.

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If I ever were to lose you, I'd surely lose myself
Everything I have found here,
I've not found by myself
Try, and sometimes you'll succeed,
To make this man of me
All of my stolen missing parts
I've no need for anymore
I believe, and I believe cause I can see our future days
Days of you and me

Back when I was feeling broken
I focused on everything
You can't keep this in the ocean (?)
No there's something out there here
All the complexities and games
No one wins, but somehow, they still play
All the missing crooked hearts
We May die, but in us they live on
I believe, and I believe cause I can see our future days
Days of you and me

The hurricanes and cyclones rage
The .. turns in dust
The ... came and the tides they raised,
And the ghosts that became old
All the promises at sundown
I meant them like the rest
Even's .. is to come around, before ...
So persistent in my ways, dear angel, I am here, stay
So persistent, so alarmed, these decisions too good to be harmed
I believe, and I believe case I can see, our future days
Days of you and me
You and me
You and me

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Genre : Metal, Neo Metal | Major : Universal | Label : Universal Music Division Mercury Records
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