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Paroles de Get TF Out My Face (Remix) de Skeme

Get TF Out My Face (Remix) est une chanson de Skeme pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le vendredi 24 janvier 2014.

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I got 4 minutes
I said I was gon be done by 9:30
That's 3 albums, that's 10 minutes a song
Light one up
Find a red shot bro
That's what I mean

Ay, since day one it was me and my niggas
And now I only eat with my niggas
Never lied, never will
I'm trill, I'mma always keep it G with my niggas
In this motherfuckin system til the day them pussies end up freein my niggas
And I got a long check, takin all bets, ain't none of yall seein my niggas
Like Quan, gotta know the homie rich
Money always over yo bitch
Just putting bitches over any dollar I'mma make, never never ever ever make sense
Promise if I don't know shit
I know the street love what I spit
And I know that they did on, I'mma be back in the kitchen
Water whippin til I break both wrists
I speak blunt, make the paper come, vamanos
Playin shit, I got all kind of hoes
Ya ain't even gotta come get it
I pull up in 11, nigga pizza at Domino's
Ay, ex-trapper turned rapper though
Sometimes I wonder what a nigga rappin' for
My bitch look like a Navajo
And she got class but deep down she still a ratchet hoe
You gotta mention my name when the hood brought up
Cus I'm the only one they talk about when I was brought up
You playin with me? Fuck around and get yo hood shot up
So much bull I fuck around and get shook shot up
I could spot these niggas, points I still outball em
Real nigga, I see it I call it
Sippin by the 8 every day
Same sayin I'm a fuckin drinkaholic
This here for my nigga Sy, this here for my nigga Weezy
This here for my nigga EJ and my lil niggas screamin
This here for my dog Too Much and my nigga P Rap
If you niggas fuck around, outside is where you be at
Can' forget my nigga Woof, hit him with the hook
So much game in me, I could write a book
Thinkin it's a game, get yo watch and chain took
Gotta notice how it go when you fuckin with the crook
Young dude

I ain't playin with you niggas, I ain't playin with you niggas at all
I ain't playin with you niggas, I be sprayin what you niggas let up
I just want that freshman list, run up
Goddamn yall done snugged a nigga 3 years straight, fuck with me
A'ight, Quan wudup?

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