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Skip the Use vous propose les lyrics de Ghost, la chanson issue de son album Can Be Late.
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Time is running out
Ghost keeping me alive
I get what it means
You have to survive

Eight o' clock in the morning
To hard to give, to hard to live
I can't stop dreaming
Do you know what I'm in
You make up your angry eyes
You stay hidden but I see you smile
I wanna stay inside your arms
I want to feel fine
(you have to survive)

Twenty minutes and I'm ready
It's not raining today
I'm late and I must hurry
Welcome to my way
(you have to survive)
I don't wanna wet us I'm sorry
It's not raining today
Kill the light
I can see

[Refrain] (x2)

You know I'm on the road
We are playing tonight
Ever since this morning
Your kiss is on my skin
What's again tonight?
Will you talk to me?
You know I need you
To make it real

[Refrain] (x2)
(you have to survive) ad lib

You gonna die, die, die
I get, I get what they're saying to me
I gotta smile, smile, smile
Forget, forget, forget it I wanna be
Come inside my world
Live the gun outside
I've got the words
Let them blow your mind

It's a lie lie lie
I get I get what the story will be
You gotta try try try
Escape, escape, escape your misery
Stop the motion
I got the solution
Wake up, focus, (thrive?) and get free

[Refrain] (x2)

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