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Paroles de Golden Chains de ALB, The Shoes

Golden Chains est une chanson de ALB, The Shoes pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le vendredi 27 avril 2012.

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Half past ten in the morning
There's something humming in my head
I wonder how long I could switch it off
And switch it off again

It may be shame that I'm feeling, but it makes me get out of my bed,
And then, I watch my face in the mirror
And try to recognize a friend

It's nice to see you again
It's better better than, nothing
Take off your golden chains
It's something you can give in

Being some wheel in the engine
It's a notion that I can defend, and yet
It's tough to play the part so hard
And finally disappear from the scene

Move to the city move in there
And find myself in another place I swear,
That among the reason for loosing confusion
I find the proper solution come back and then


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