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Paroles de Goonies Never Die de Immortal Technique

Goonies Never Die est une chanson de Immortal Technique pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées en novembre 2011.

Les paroles de Goonies Never Die ont été corrigées, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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And it's not smart to be dumb
It's not smart to be dumb bumb de dumb dumb dumb
Back where I come from it's not considered smart to be dumb

Immortal Technique okay little empwanala, time for bed.
Empwanala uncle Felipe
Immortal Technique what, what is it now?
Empwanala I heard that you and my dad used to be in a gang. is that true?
Immortal Technique who told you that man, your mother. it wasn't a gang we were just a group of friends.
Empwanala did you do bad things?
Immortal Technique no no no look we just used to draw and stuff and play karate, borrow things, throw stuff, know run around at night. like Goonies
Empwanala what's a Goonie?
Immortal Technique you never heard of Goonies before?

Immortal Technique
I coulda chose another life with the feds tryna get me
Little kids putting work in like at gap and Disney
In the whip high as shit like bobby and Whitney
Grab your hand abd push the mother fucked pedal to sixty
Harlem cops frisk me to get me to make their quotas
But I told ya Spanish words confuse meeeeeeeee
Bar brawl in club popping and rocking georsh
Shot it out leaving pullet holes the size of matzu balls
I love big chicks never fucked with a slim broad
Played soccer and hammerd nails into the shin guard
Gambled at cee lo with dominicans locked in the tombs
We was there for robbing niggas for them Spanish deblumes
Remember Goonie era graffiti of all sorts
Now they wanna foreclose on the hood to build a golf course
I'll put your hand in a blender to make an entre
Then cut your dick and glue it back on the wrong way

[Refrain] Immortal Technique
All ma revolutionary soldiers better ride
My word is mathematics bitch numbers never lie
So even if they tell you I'm dead I'm still alive
Because mother fucker Goonies never die
Whitness protection program rappers better hide
I serve revenge out the forever niggas never slide
So if they tell you I'm gone and you safe niggas lied
Because mother fucker Goonies never die

Swave Sevah
I'm a certified Goonie the type a burgla rob ya crib
And leave it smellin like sour and Afgan gooey
Life is a movie but yours was filmed on a greener screen
I give you pure uncut raw no deleted scenes
War with a broadsword dumping a tech nine
Slit your throat give you a Columbian neck tie
The best buy to get we let die let fly the next guy to try some shit
Listen a few words just to describe my clique
We like a gang of Spartans walking on the Gaza Strip
Never say die it's time to fight and we never run
My Goonies rob niggas for jewelery we call em treasure hunts
Let him front like he a tough guy with wippe? lol
I'll hit I'm slug turn him to one eye willy watery grave hide ya chips
I'll hijack ya boat load and cruise away on my pirate ship


Before Duncan penderhuse was runnin with dougie doug
My team got away with murder we ain't fit the bloody glove
Those jungle breeze and we come to feed our hungry cubs
With hoes pulling out our pipes like Goonies under country clubs
Let these funny thugs know whoever steps in bolics spot
Is getting crushed with solid rock the jester copper pot
I suggest the drama stops I'll flood blocks with mustard gas
You're up shits creek in a rubber raft cut in half
Cross my fucking path I'll dare you I'll mangle who lit the fuse
Quit to lose my marbles like mickey replacing his with jewls
Watching ya'll enslave the game I'm forced to say the truth
Break the chains quick and sloth reaching for baby roof?
We got ad proof and whores in daisy dukes extra low
While fat bitches do the truffle shuffle just to get in shows
Fuck what your record sold respect the code and recognize
The rebel tribe that my people kept alive will never die


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