Got You Covered - Scott King et Bobby V Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Got You Covered de Scott King, Bobby V

Got You Covered est une chanson de Scott King, Bobby V pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis février 2014.

Les paroles de Got You Covered ont été corrigées, cependant, il est probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

Whatever you need
Whatever you want
If you like it
Baby, you know I've got you covered

Whatever that you crave for
Bet I got you covered
Shoe gain serious
The Louie Storm Lovers
Brand new handbags
Haters hold grudges
Mad cause you shot hard
And it's no budget
But that's why your friends all mad
Cause you don't stun prices
You just go and grab
And I'm the type that would treat you
Like a man should
First thing that I'm gon' do
Is take you out the damn hood
You ain't gotta ask
You ain't gotta do nothin'
Just wake up, look good
And choose something!
Fresh out the garage to drive
Which one ? I know it's hard to decide
Pick one, it's whatever
Your ex-he tripping like
He could do you better
But we know
As far as we go
But I think it's ego
Got him upset
That's how it be, though

You don't have to do
You don't have to say anything
(You don ha' to say nothin', ma)
You know I got you, babe
(You know I got you)
If there's anything you need from me
I've got you covered
Hey, and even if I ever go the long way
It's still the same, babe
Cause if there's anything you need
I've got you covered

Treat everyday like it's your birthday
Life short, so I spoil you in the worst way
I just knew it from the first day
That you was down with me, shawty is a riddah
So, on the other hand, I beat up a writer
Haters go and talk, do whatever till they bite us
But we go put it all behind us
Lost in a bazaar, where nobody can find us
Mindless, the bloggers, the paparazzi
Lay your head down, feel the yacht breeze
Have you ever drove top speed ?
Or have the more clothes for you to go shop with me ?
Cause a brochure, and I'm dead sure
That you the one for me, everything I hope for
Pop champagne, you I toast for
You deserve the world and so much more


And every day is better than ever
Better than the last
With you I share everything
And better than my path
Everything from all the keys to the pads
Codes to the vault, them seats in first class

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