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Paroles de Green Lights de Aloe Blacc

Green Lights est une chanson issue de l'album Good Things de Aloe Blacc sorti en 2010.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées en 2011.

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Something special happened today
I got green lights all the way
With no big red sign to stop me
No traffic jam delay

See I was driving over the moon
In my big air balloon
Flown it high into the darkness
I hope I'll get there soon
There are so many things to do
So many people I need to talk to
And they've all been waiting for me
Well I got to make it through


Think my stars would rather be green
You have no idea what it means
To a man that's always traveling
And sees the things that I see
I don't know what's yet to come
Not sure of anything that I've done
Really makes that much a difference
Well I hope it has for some


I was driving over to moon
In my big air balloon
Flown it high into the darkness
I promise that I'll make it to you very soon

Something special happened today

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