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Paroles de Happiness de Orson

Happiness est une chanson de Orson pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 21 mai 2008.

Les paroles de Happiness ont été corrigées, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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do i really need a reason ?
is it really such a big deal ?
it just seems like the right situation
to say how i really feel.
i love the way that you look at me.
and i can't stop looking at you.
and the sweetest thing that you do for me-
is all the litlle things that you do.

and when the world don't feel like turning,
and the sun just wants to hide,
all the stars come out to remind me
of the universe by my side.

all that happens is happyness
happyness- when i'm with you. ( x2 )

we ain't got a whole lot of money...
how about a five star happy meal ?
every day with you is just like a party,
there's nothing left of me for you to steal.

and when the winter wind id blowin',
i feel you blowin' kisses in my ear.
and when you think that you're just talkin'-
you know its singin' that i hear.

all that happens is happyness
happyness- when i'm with you. ( x4 )

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