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Paroles de Home de Jay Sean

Home est une chanson de Jay Sean pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le mardi 08 février 2011.

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After all that he said, after all that he done
What can make you believe that he's still the one
Why'd you hide from the truth, when you break down and cry
There's a reason you stay, I just don't know why
Would be better off walking away from this
And you won't be alone

When there's nowhere to run, when you're hurting inside
When you can't carry on, just know there's a place you can hide
Don't you be so afraid of the things he would say
I would stay by your side baby if you leave, let it go
You're gonna find your way home!

I remember that girl, her laugh and her smile
She ain't gone but she's been away for a while
No I find it hard to watch and take that away
But there's only so much that I can, can take
You know you deserve so much more than this
How can I make you feel?


You should know you deserve so much more
(so much more)
So let me take you away
(let me take you away)


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