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Paroles de I Can't Stay de Ricardo Munoz

I Can't Stay est une chanson de Ricardo Munoz pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en septembre 2010.

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Again I start to wonder,
What I've been thinking for so long
It just goes on
Am I being greedy,
Asking what it was that I did wrong,
You're so withdrawn

The way that you've been actin', has me so down
Wrote this song to pull me - back down to the ground

I can't stay,
With a cloud hanging over my head I want to make it up to you
Lift this weight
I can't stay,
Without you telling me we're good again I want to make it up to you,
Set things straight
Let me set things straight.

I knew I had to tell you, that I've felt sorry since that day, hope I'm not too late
You know that I'm just human, and everybody makes mistakes, and it aches.

So Every night I'm sorry - Can't get no sleep.
Wrote this song to pull me, out of the big blue deep.


My way of saying sorry, does it suffice ?
Never been this honest, before in my life
Now the way I see you smiling, oh what a scene
Again I'm breathing easy feeling that I can - stay

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