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Irma vous propose les lyrics de I Know, la chanson de son album Letter To The Lord.
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I'd like to tell you just a word
I am so sorry to disturb
You may be thinking i’m a fool

I heard you tell you don't care
I heard you thinking loud and clear
It's doesn't make me proud of you

I know you time it's precious
But give me just a second
I need to strength feels out with you

You put my hope and dreams away
And there is not a single day
I don't fear the words because of you

And I know ow oh oh oh oh oh oh
That is not a dreaaaam
But I saw ohoho
Yeah I saw your skin
And I know oh oh oh oh
I saw oh oh oh

I wonder if there's a justice
When I look right into your eyes
Those feelings never lie

My only weapon is the song
And you won't have to sing alone
This is the story of my life


I know I know I know I know yes I know
I saw I saw I saw'


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