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Paroles de I Own You de Livvi Franc

I Own You est une chanson de Livvi Franc pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le mercredi 12 février 2014.

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I'd like to have you for my pet
So let me get my leash
And if you're good
You'll get a treat
And never be released

You're acting like a big man
With your friends here tonight
But I know just what you like
What you like
And I'm here to give it to you

Baby I own you
I call the shots, yea I'm the boss
Baby I own you
Tonight you work for me
You never felt like this before
Every time I take control
You say oh oh oh
Baby I own own own you

For every girl that you jerked around
I give another smack
For every woman whose heart you crushed
I give my whip a crack

I know you need a strong hand
You're slightly twisted cause I
I know it's just what you like
It's just what you like


I'm gon
Play this
Game forever
In the end I will always win
Cause it's just a game to me
I can get it anywhere
But you will still be on your knees
Begging me for mercy

[Refrain] (x2)

I own you
I own you, baby
Oh oh oh
Baby I own you
Aha aha aha
Baby I own you

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