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Paroles de I Shoulda Lied de Boyz II Men

I Shoulda Lied est une chanson de Boyz II Men pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 12/09/2011.

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I probably should have told her the sky was falling
Or maybe that my car ran out guess
My grandma was sick and I had to leave town right away
I don't care
Tell one more to fix the last one
But I never get back to the truth
Thinking to myself she will never find out that's what we do, that's how we
I wonder what she really thinks of me
Should I really tell her everything?
But it's too late can't take it back
She'll never look at me the same way again, no

I shoulda lied, 'cause the truth made her set me free
And now goodbye, is more than just a word
My honesty just became my enemy
Maybe a lie now made things right this time, shoulda lied, shoulda lied

Shoulda say it was the end of the word
Now sadly it's my reality
Would she stay if I said I only had one day left, stay with me
Please don't leave
I wonder what she really thinks of me
I wish I would have never said a think
But it's too late for that, I don't think she's coming back
And I'll never look the truth the same again


Now I'm tryin hard to convince my heart
That everything will be ok
She said she'd never leave
Now just can't believe she's gone and now I'm no one.

Promised myself next time I won't tell the truth
'cause if I knew what I knew right now I'd still be with you
I shoulda lied, shoulda lied, shoulda lied, shoulda lied.

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