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Paroles de I Used To Hate Asparagus de Legacy (New Boyz)

I Used To Hate Asparagus est une chanson de Legacy (New Boyz) pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées en 2014.

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My minds dangerous, try tamin' it, it's no changin' it
I labeled it, Maybe crazy either that or plagerize
Cause all these crazy people I've been lately hangin out with
Got me pickin' up they habits, when I'm around it
Stuck that I .. leave me down, .. and thinkin' the counts,
Hatin' what they do so they can do it too
Because you make me feel better about themselves
When they see they ain't going once drown it
That's why you gotta be a leader, middle feed, I keep the nina,
I don't really keep a nina, just always wanted to say 'cause I don't freestyles when I'm playin'
If I'm big gangsta rapper, I'd probably be amazing 'cause
I'm already blooded than Jay Call
All that gun punch line, should I bet they go
But I'm real so I gotta seat to what I know
Like five shots every ball like elements for play on
Punchline loss yeah I bet you're feeling stupid,
And you don't trippin on, you hit it if you get music every
If she hard choose to marry on, like is super hairy,
Get ready of butch like hard lose to carry
Think I'm 'bout .. ever know from my .. very cally in the battle to stay
That I choose to carry, used to living Vegas from nine to ..
Shout out the homie busy, can't do and smoke tree
Find out that used to pally the park, workin' .. trees
'cause I did .. probably on the same team,
Crazy how the world spins and shuffle around
Then they look down at the ground art like
How I give here, I was just there
It's weird how much you like to change in a year
Like I used to haters .. down like I'm murdin' with my ..
Where you are today got nothing to do when you get uh,
Jerk don't move change everything
Help the kids not gang rang yeah
First started rapping stay hey,
Then every rapper in the game chain
You know we started this in and that markin' in
I see kid May .. her shit
Then lining deal, boy exposed to lay 'cause
How you're gonna hate then, how you're gonna ..
.. I wouldn't catch that, nigga I ain't stupid
First you make the blue print, now you're taking blue prints,
You're stayin relevant all for copy and bro
You need to pay homage to us
Got us my plug, so I don't trip, 'cause I know I'm gonna shine
Only bird bitches 'cause I don't need to coast sign,
Built in new school they took proud and admit it,
You need a new .., I'm on battle to district,
I ain't got enough views to be talking
But we bleed the same blood is in dues living comments
And this is not a .. this is not for sales,
This is real how you're helping if you're writing 'bout yourself,
Huge flies for me, stood on session, keys getting cure of love, someone changin'
And I ain't sayin that you black,
I'm just sayin that you been helping a little more from where you at
Real tough, oh no, oh no, o n

I used to help the spirits when I was young,
Then I got it taste for it .. as I grew up
Just be ..touches down I don't need to stunt
I went from road to mean and unless in a month

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