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Paroles de I Want You de Kay Cola, Problem

I Want You est une chanson de Kay Cola, Problem pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 08 janvier 2014.

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Siempre vive en mi mente
Y no puedo olvidar
Solamente te quiero a ti
Di me tu secreto

Go ahead and act like you don't' know nigga
Love ain't tryin' to show me why
I don't believe that
I read that,you know how many texts I can read back?
I can read back if you sayin' that you need that
So relax,cause I'm ready,cause I'm ready
So are you,so are you
Go hard in the pain like a ...
And got a gang and do shit, Ima show it to you
Blessed from the past that you look forward to,look forward to
Hit it from the back, make it ...
Don't laugh,I ain't playin', I ain't playin'
All this major part that I'm ...
...do my thing and tell it start
You know that so don't hold back
Yeah,here's the we, go ahead,roll and laugh
...I'm tellin' you I roll back
Like a car,tryin' to go up the hill
But it stopped, cause it ain't got no breaks
Only it is for show, go come down like a real ...
Probably you be talkin' if your friends didn't hate on it
Let's fly

It's been a while since we've been spoken
I've been so focused, didn't hate me
But when everything is settlin'when niggaz is quite yeah
But Something is tricky
And I can even, I can say, boy,
I want you,I want you
Baby you got me life

Girl,that feel is mutual
Kill that body day and day
Somebody queue the funeral
Motherfucker ... you know that ain't that usual
Right here on the stairs
You keep put it where my food to go
Think about it,you know I'm good with that knowledge
They say you left to college, hurt my car and got some new knowledge?
Baby girl,I 'll be honest, service comes with this lifestyle ...
And I promise that when you is done with that, I'm done with that
Keep clean I didn't want to fuck with that
It was right there, and the flesh is weak
No time to waste, baby girl,just let me speak
I know you got to ...that you kind the life
Some...nigga from the birth that you momma like
Hey,you swear I ain't gonna change, it might be kinda right
Girl stop tryin' to fight you know you want this by my side

It's been a while since we've been spoken
I've been so focused,it didn't hate me
But when everything is settlin'
When is quite ...yeah
Something is tricky
And I can't even, I can't say, boy
I want you,I want you

I could run, I could fly
I could know my body too,
It don't matter where I go,I can't hide from the truth
I confront you, I tried,but I never follow through
...something always brings me back to you
Baby,tell me,your secret
I,I need it, baby,tell me your secret
I,I need it

It's been a while since we've been spoken
I've been so focused,didn't hate me
When everything is settlin',when niggaz ...quite yeah
Something is tricky
And I can't even,I can't say,boy
I want you,I want you
Baby,you got me,life

Cut the bullshit,come on!

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