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Paroles de If I de Novi Novak

If I est une chanson de Novi Novak pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2011.

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If I'm so cool and they so on me,
They why am I so lonely
If I'm so bad that ya'll can't take me,
They why
Then why ya'll hate me
If I'm so good n made it this far
Then why
Then why's it still hard (3x)

Why I feel so concerned with material?
Could it be growin' up from a stereo?
Wantin' to be what I see is that terrible?
'Cause just bein' me wasn't workin just a year ago

With no degree but to degrees acknowledge,
That I can't relate to rappers when they talkin 'bout college
People callin' me a fool, 'Why you never did that'
I just assume its because there ain't a scholarship for rap
It's like I been through it all, then somethin' happens again
Just happens its worse when what just happens a friend
Why the time pass fast when we havin the fun
But it feel like forever when we ain't havin none
I'm in the endzone lookin for a touchdown!
Am I too fly, I can't even touch ground
Want ya'll tuh feel me I wish that you could touch sound
I'm so deep in my music I could just drown


See I get to that point like how much more can I take
And my mom gave me up but we all make some mistakes
I don't think she understands I understand, it's okay
If I could use a wish I wish it was easier to relate
So I could understand why she apologizes all the time
Like I'm not alive, out of jail, n just fine
I see her once a year I feel bad she starts cryin
I'm just happy she ain't give me up for good n kept tryin
I don't know if you gon line this ma,
But its a song n for the fans to love me too they need to know what's goin on
'Cause I do this for everyone not just for me
This ain't my normal kind of song and I know you'd agree
But I feel knife deep in fragile flesh cover my pain by coverin' my body in what keep me fresh
I'm so far off path I don't know when I left
So even if the shoes fit don't repeat my steps


See my 380 held almost 6 shells
So if they came, I could hold 'em off from goin to hell
Thinkin' that would give me time to prove I don't deserve it
That's when I started realizin' we ain't perfect
'Cause when I'm calm as a muhfu-ka on the surface
You can dive into my flow and see a shark emerging
Wanna battle, you a free meal,
'Cause my rhymes are shaky waters like retirement homes at pill time
White rapper minority, smart people supportin me,
Rappers makin job openings from doin it horribly,
Being all I can afford to be
Yet I'm blessed with the stuff that shouldn't even be important to me
Now take a glimpse take a look at my life man,
And see big things happen with a small life span
You know when you look back and say
That those was better days?
I ain't had those yet
But I know they on the way man


Every time I'm around,
They prayin' for my downfall but I
Won't fall down
Can't fall down... no I

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