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Paroles de Insomnia de Sammie

Insomnia est une chanson de Sammie pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le mercredi 15 août 2012.

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Oh no no no

It's three in the morning, I'm writing this letter,
I try to call, but I just can't do.
You're probably sleeping you way,
I feel like I'm out, I need a change.
I made you feel like anything you did wasn't enough,
As my own insecurities, they've gotten the best of e, oh oh.
Maybe it's too late now,
But I'm still holding on to the thought of us.

So, right now in this early hour,
I confess all my love, and I confess all my wrongs
I can't sleep, had to take a hot shower
It better help and wash this pain away.
I'm going under, inside you
Up all night, I can't rest my thought.
I'm going under, inside you
Oh oh oh

I think I'm losing my mind,
Cause I called out your name,
Swear I heard a reply, but you're there
And I'm here, all alone with my fears,
And these thoughts in my head.
When you read this letter I hope
That you feel my heart,
Alone since I healed
But you left with the scars and I'm sorry
For all the pain I've caused you, girl.
Didn't ?? my worries means something.


Don't miss a good thing til it's gone,
But time is near when now I see.
Don't know what's right until it's wrong,
I'm so out coming?? to be.
Girl, I'm trying, I'm trying
I said I'm trying.
Girl, I'm trying, I'm trying
I said I'm trying.
I'm tired of the sleepless nights
Wish you could feel my chest, my heart ain't beating right here.


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