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Paroles de Is It Alright de Chris Webby, Nikkiya

Is It Alright est une chanson de Chris Webby, Nikkiya pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le lundi 01 octobre 2012.

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Chris Webby
Listen babe is it alright if I spend my night beside you
Cuz this liquor got me feelin' like I maybe really like you
But I'm not the prince charming you been waitin' for to find you
I might seem like I'm the one but shit it's only for tonight, boo
I do this on the regular baby it's not despite you
That's just how I live my life and you know it as well as I do
Come on, did you honestly think that webby would wife you
Shit I got my own personal problems I'm tryna fight through
Kickin' drugs that's easier said than done
And tryna keep my head straight when I be out on a run
On the road doin' shows tryna stack my funds
Got 99 problems and trust me you're not one
So I'm sorry boo but you know I got a fuckin' job to do
My heart is off limits so my dick is all I got for you
Don't get it confused I love bangin' you out
But that's the only time you'll hear love comin' out of my mouth, out

Hook Nikkiya
Is it alright if I kick it with you all night
Is it alright
Is it alright
Is it alright if I have to leave at sunrise
Is it alright
Is it alright with you

Since we met I been the headlights and baby you were the deer
So caught up in who I was you weren't seein' nothin' clear
But I'm focused on myself and tryna make a career
So just ignore those sweet nothings that I whispered in your ear
Cuz one second I'm in then the next I'm outta town
You'd be foolish if you thought I'd think of settlin' down
Doin's hows and pickin' the hottest girl from the crowd
I'm young and famous yo, of course I get around
At least I keeps it real with you, no need for tellin' lies
So if I break your heart don't ask why
And I know you're catchin' feelings for me I can see it in your eyes
When I got your ankles over my shoulder smackin' your thighs
I gave relationships a couple of tries
And learned it wasn't for me so you just gotta realize
That's why when you text me you never get a reply
We can have fun tonight, but I'm out by sunrise (yeah)


DJ Drama
Yeah, Chris Webby
Bars on me, get your bars up
Our bars on full service like a cell phone
Ya'll shit out of service (haha)

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