King Me - Gillie Da Kid Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de King Me de Gillie Da Kid

King Me est une chanson de Gillie Da Kid pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2013.

Les paroles de King Me ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait encore des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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You niggas stowin' stones at a glass house
You niggas don't be livin' would you read by
How lonesome and familiar in my trap house?
I started from the bottom, put put you mad out
King me, nigga nigga, king me, nigga nigga
Bowl down when I come around, I say king me nigga
King me, nigga, king me, nigga, king me, nigga,
Money and the thing to me nigga.

G, see I don't get no paper and I see why
Call y nigga hustle stack, then my money need high,
When I was young I had a neck and thirty lead high
I f*cked it up some that nigga like a B hot,
King me, nigga nigga, if you need and work
What you gotta do is ring me, nigga
In the trunk, in the car when I heard I got it, I got it,
I'm talking about that .. I'm talking bout that product,
I'm talking bout the products, I'm the king
You were born, you s*ck the niggas be alone
You p**sy nigga from the door, you rucky nigga from abroad,
Get rolio all on my own, for forty all in my trunk,
That 40 all in my waste and make me point it all in your face,
You p**sy nigga.


I put it in all into all the water never start shit,
See the problem is their mouthy bigger than their artist,
Get them boisy strapped up, but them niggas won't shoot the thing,
Unless them p*ssies at them shooting range,
King me nigga, crown me nigga,
If you really got beef when you see then down me nigga
See I off keep those feelie gangstas around me, nigga
And I'm fresh my fabric softa, no down me nigga,
Got Versace all in my back, top sin on my leg,
If this the wall on my lack, floating off for my trap,
There's no fillie, EA boy gillie the play,
Show real, got young shoes, they do whatever he say,
Let's go!


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