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King Of Diamonds est une chanson de SpaceGhostPurrp pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2012.

Les paroles de King Of Diamonds ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est fort probable que se dissimulent toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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Yung Simmie
I'm crazy man, I love money,
I chill with bad hoes and they say that they love me,
I really do the things I'm..and your presence,
See me got the simmy, but I got the mack 11
Sinnies after heaven, I'm tired of the games
Word been the lane, I'm just tryin to get the change,
Real eyes show, I've been blowing on..
Walk up this morning to a different hoe,
Smell a different smoke when the raders is at your dope,
Coming for your through is murder that the top with that
I'm with your blunt with it, try me like a duck,
Then I barely you get drunk with it,
Pop pop with it.

Dough Dough
Whispering in your whole ear like I'm yin-yang
Still pick in your mama life offer range
Tell the p**sy up, got a big god blood stains
She ain't say stop the whole was love pain,
She won't stop calling me, I feel like the same,
She must not know, i'ma pimp with no cane
And my game is to put her where it rain,
The mother niggas lames on that pop too flames,
Is free mad speakers all I do is game green
Plus my team got a way that the world never seen,
If I wasn't rapping my name would be missed the clean,
Posted on 31 with Obama dp's
Sticking to myself 'cause nigga I'm a g,
And I don't want no f*ck niggas hangin round me,

Yeah hope, yeah hope, move 'cause I said so,
I'm a young nigga but I learn how to work this go,
Grand daddy gave it to me, just because it had the extra,
He told me pull it if a nigga ever get to prison
Niggas acting hard but I'm tryin to make it clearer,
You is not a g, f*ck nigga find the mirror
Do and show in my city, how I bitch you won't
And if think you chaff and do, bitch you gonna get caught
Bitch is where I be, as I'm motherf*cking boss,
Send em out to Memphis if you need a nigga lost,
First 48 don't even wanna bother,
Folks get mad when they see me walking,
Post em in slap, but a shit they be talking,
Niggas wanna play till it's time to point the object,
Just because I tweet don't mean I wont' lose it,
The two 75 be the reason I be moving, bitch.

Chris Travis
Now why for these niggas playing they know I don't f*ck around
Yeah bitch I got them bars throwin p**sies touch down
We just piece the ass up, they ain't drag us down
Bury em miss a man welcome to the underground bitch
Shut the f*ck up, please don't make a sound
I'ma have to get my floppies yeah they look they couldn't sound
All I'm tryin to be violent, I'm just misunderstood,
But you better understand I keep that crom under my wood,
Chris mother f*cker Travis my f*cking all you fools,
Young nigga big dick with a bad attitude
Soldiers know I give a f*ck about him, her, you
I'm just tryin get to sack off to the next dude,
Let a real niggas thief, boy you better keep you cool
Got you bitchin let me pitchin, be the motherf*ckers new
F*ck your boyfriend bitch, bet the nigga I ain't who,
Chris got damn travis bitch, f*ck you know lew.

Gettin' this money, f*cking this hoes,
Coming with the phone, coming with the phone,
Selling out shows, p**sy niggas hate,
I bust em in the face, got a killer slave,
F*ck you if you fake, pass that game,
G wether than a lane, I f*ck the p**sy great,
I make her late chain, bitch I'm from the state
Will dare make you late, thinking is the game,
Your mama better play, I got ice, boy top notch price,
Got a top notch bitch, who shoot don't fight,
She love my dick, is she s*ck dick nice,
She gotta pink for five, is she get right
My flow so tight, better ask her wife
How she play with it twice, to my voice last night
You hatin' on me, they'll be got a doubt tonight
I'ma trust no bitch 'cause I got one life,
One life.

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