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Paroles de Klack Or Get Klacked de Strong Arm Steady

Klack Or Get Klacked est une chanson de Strong Arm Steady pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 07 février 2011.

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Time from the hood, downtown from the hood, downtown from the hood, downtown from the hood
Klack or get klacked no more, klack or get klacked no more, klack or get klacked no more
Time from the hood, downtown from the hood, downtown from the hood, downtown from the hood
Klack or get klacked no more, klack or get klacked no more, klack or get klacked no more

Black man, shoot your friendly neighborhood local policemen
Cause they say you got a gun is just selling your hair
Police shoot without proof, I ever answered the truth
My nigger ...a registration, blew his brains to the roof
Has lead me to the conclusion that we should do the shooting
My itchy trigger finger niggers is a new resolution
What about ... and all the niggers in jail,
That didn't really do the crime has just remind me of hell
To get locked like Mandela get respected
Or you can get rich like Rockefeller off the wreckage
Or you could shoot it out with the cops, make a body block
Take them on a high speed chase, hit the body shot
Change the place, when you shoot the pigs, aim for the stomach, hit the face
Rob a bank, hit the safe, hit the cake, clock burst,
You too ... fast words, steady show, cops see blacks and let the cat burst
Yeah, that's right motherfucker, you could you two got shit ...so
Build the agony strong on steady and I'm


You hear that guitar but this ain't no rock band
I spit this ...because I'm a rock man
And my home lane is hard to will stand
That's the ... contraband
Fire encore, blow off in the back drop, yellow type of fellow got it scraped while his ... watched
The rs fellows mandatory... with pistols but if you ain't talking a nigger yank your pistol
And I came ...just call me a ice flooding, for ... top, flopping the tap of a push button
More revenue than most niggers are still on the block,
Maybe cause I got something to loose, they ask won't be shot
But once a real factor, always a klack klacker
Make corners out of niggers to think they are train snatchers
City full of lame ..., San Diego's filled with dead homies that's some little niggers ...
Don't get it fucked up nigger, just cause a nigger hopping up his V core,
Don't mean a nigger won't splat you nigger, uh


...appetite the warfare, stay in here you lift the 10 feet in the air, yeah
Homie see electric chair, cell block filled to the ...
... keep letting the small things slide you won't win, die or survive
Do your time, take it in ...
... niggers on the yard when it's fun time
The hood's evil know better than the ... for the impact the ground zero
See heroes getting cut getting pay like ..
Leave them be, guess I be ...
Be the reason they got wanted, ...
And all of your sea low, that's side of the way you looking
It's ... in the precinct, I'd rather see book it
I mean we like to preach whether blue make green, black and brown make green
But it's always gonna end up that way, so ya be prepared for everything


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