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Paroles de Know Normal de Alex Wiley, Kembe X

Know Normal est une chanson de Alex Wiley, Kembe X pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 22 janvier 2014.

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I just be peeping shit, sometimes I think I should say something
Shit getting awkward, I pull out the aux cord and play something
I gotta stay smooth, I spin, move out of fucked up situations
Spend my day in front of screens like my whole generation
I got that shit for the low, keeping shit equitable
I hope that's understood
Tripping like I licked her toes, your bitch say you be licking toes
Bro, that is not cool
Finna meet up with the God, he know if I slide
Then dollars I'm dropping a few
And my main bitch along for the ride
I'm in the office on business, she hopped in the pool
Feel like I'm living a good life
Couple weeks straight full of good nights
I made a decision to be kind
Now I'm fucking your bitch from behind
I'm not really thirsty to be signed
I'm with the Village, I'll be fine
I hit the peace sign then I recline
I'm so fucking high, nigga, we glide, by

Why all this time
I thought wrong
Falling down made me strong

Got jumped in the 8th grade and it just made me realer
Don't get why old fuck niggas try to throw shade
But it just made me realer
I've spent weekends sleepless and it just made me realer
Your bitch cheated, treated, bet the salt can't be realer

I can't believe this bitch!
We were supposed to get money and ride 'Raris together
I bought meals for that bitch, I'd take a bullet for that bitch

I know no normal

I woke up at the foot of the bed
Texted my bitch and said, "It's ugly looking ahead"
She want a love and I want some loves
It's obvious we have no page in common, baby
Stoners, Maybe
But I can't resist the waves they've come in lately
I believe, I walk with a beast
A shield of heaven protects me
Nevertheless, the devil attacks me
I run where the flow and the track meet
Basically, the race that we've creatively cremated
Leads to hatred, 3rd degrees with salt on the wounds
He's faceless
Contradictions stain my record and I admit it
Consequences came, I stumbled but I can fix it
I struggle with my addictions
Pussy and hoes' attention
Quick witted bold decisions, Loosie done grown relentless
I won't lie, no, I've been
Feeling like God's gone hiding
Winters froze my whole body dog
Center your mind, soul, vibe, bro

I know no normal

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