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Paroles de Legends Never Die de Xzibit, B-Real, Easy Money

Legends Never Die est une chanson de Xzibit, B-Real, Easy Money pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en octobre 2013.

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Legends never...

Ever since the day I got a room
They told me I would never make it this long
Now years after the day that I'm gone
They'll be playing my songs and my name will live on
When everybody thought that I was insane
I stood tall after all that have came
So let the good Lord call on my name
'Cause I done rep I'm workin the game

We never die
Never die!
We just live on
Live on, live on
We never die
Never die!
We just live on

Yea, I'm a cowboy steppin clear
With a pistol pointblank behind your right ear
Yea because fear is not a option
Say my name 3 times - I appear with a shotgun
Now what you motherfuckers want from me?
I'm from the gutter, I'm medicated by drug money
Take everything, there ain't nothing else you could take from me
Never break from you niggas, swinging until my hands bloody
Time flies, dreams die, people lose faith
Tryna hide behind a lie with a straight face
Buzz kill, boots on the ground 'cause I'm straight lace
Fuck love, never needed love in the first place

Legends never... die...
Never die!
We just live on
Live on, live on
We never die
Never die!
We just live on

So many doubted so little time
So many haters coming to mind
Later for waste 'cause moments to bind
Because I would never look back and regretted this fuckin life
Around, I do it for the ones who supported the dream
And making every second of their life as a part of my team
It take the heart of a lion, the crown of a king
Bring up a throne and you keep the frame in mind but you singing my songs
Still serial kill the bullshit, spit up the thrills
And if you will, you're not the killer, for real I be dealin
The run of the mill, with no skill, top Billy the dun
That's why I reply

Legends never... die...
Never die!
We just live on
Live on, live on
We never die
Never die!
We just live on

Yea, I was born to live forever
I am legend, gather my thoughts and line em up together
Feel like bullet my own Beretta put it to my head
Better days ahead, left for dead with my daily bread
Yea, I'll cause a slaughter in your tabernacle
I stole your castle and guillotined your queen
Los Angeles to the bite in apple
I'm playing tackle
Get it, the crush s cold like going to war with the Russians
Starving like my ribs and my stomach is touching
I'm filthy as a pig, got me streaking and fuckin
It's just my destiny til the death of me, stand and deliver
Confessions of an unapologetic serial killer

Legends never... die...
We just live on
We never die

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