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Paroles de Life$tyle de Casey Veggies

Life$tyle est une chanson de Casey Veggies pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 05 novembre 2012.

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Always chasin' money I think nike should have paid me
No this shit ain't funny been with josh peas lately
Japanese denim still growing still winning
Baby girl want me and she watch me cause she on me
I be popping but I'm lowkey, chillin, choppin with my og
Got my mom a new spot and I'm plotting on gold rollies
Just did a show in dc and we had them really going
If it wasn't my song all around the world then I wasn't really knowing
She messin' with the whole squad she ain't hoein' she's just goin'
I'm just knowin' that's just me
All the time that's just how it be
In the town and through the streets
Rollin' round it's young cv
It's goin' up, it's goin' down
That mean the same thing, got a different sound
Got a different vibe, don't blow my high
I should change, I won't realize that
Another mindset other than mine I can't provide that
I soul search, write cold raps
Besides that little mama you should slide through

Get piped down baby
It's nice out lately
Ask me who employed this might sound crazy
Lookin' straight faced said "the lifestyle paid me
Anything else I wouldn't have patience"
Pipe down baby
Lifestyle crazy
Lifestyle paid me
Lifestyle made me
Lifestyle stages never gonna fade me
Said she tryna' roll but where you wanna take me

Been around the globe, a million different places
Peas and carrots tee, sneakers to the pavement
Kill em with the swag and leavin' all the traces
Ride my own waves, don't participate in races
Casey why you sag if you got a fendi belt?
You callin' out what's wrong, you should be lookin' at yourself
I'm lookin' at the game, it seem it needs some help
They callin' out my name, I'm callin' out my worth
Reluctantly, I don't think she'll ever get enough of me
Or what's left of me, maybe I just had a mental telepathy
Got the best of me, you know how it goes when you're dealing with the extra things
That come with the cars, and the clothes, and the friends that all the money brings
It's the lifestyle, oh nice wow growing up quite fast
Just slow it down we might crash
At least we made some nice cash
Comping off emotions like the roses through the ocean
And she wet got that potent and she open so I told her


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