Lowkey Poppin - Kid Ink Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Lowkey Poppin de Kid Ink

Lowkey Poppin est une chanson de Kid Ink pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 11 mars 2011.

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We don't give a fuck about the time
Stuck inside the fire
Up all night
Feeling like a vampire
Ya I see (i see ya) over there with your crew
Shawty get it I can get it like we do gotta low
Key poppin over here
Gotta low
Key poppin over here
Gotta low
Key poppin over here
So key poppin over here

Now if you meet me in the club
Guarantee to see a bottle pop
You'll be outta low
Key poppin like a bottom lock
And I don't know the time but I know we on the model watch
Cuz early in the morning tell them toes...mazel tov
Said I'm bout to put it down
Soon as I walk in they jump on me like we know
Ever year (?) people got their hands up like a ice
And baby let me get you right
I hope you're not afraid of heights
All night damn right I got a full conscription
I'll be stuck inside a box got a full subscriptions
Takin shot after shot like a full blown sippin
Do it big and every minute y'all make em tell em


Back to the ceiling got everybody excited
Goin goin crazy club look like in asylum
I think I'm chris angel
Feel like I can levitate
While everybody stares
I think that I might take the elevator
See you at the top you been sloppy like a freckle
Back in full of presidential rozay redder than a vessel got me twisted
Like a (?) you ain't no where near my level hoe
I'm breezy as a polar bear
Cooler than the eskimo
Bitches on my back
Whole world on my shoulders
You can tell the bartender to make my drink a little stronger
Smokey as a locomotive on the trains to the sky
Know we been here for a while
Might have lost track of my mind but tell em

[Refrain] (x2)

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