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Paroles de Marz Barz de JD Era

Marz Barz est une chanson de JD Era pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis avril 2013.

Les paroles de Marz Barz ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est fort probable qu'il y ait toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

Vous pouvez écouter la chanson de JD Era avec la vidéo ci-dessous.

Racing to the finish, I ain't finished
When I finish I'mma take it by the minute
Make a killing on the way
You ain't never did it, if you did like I did it
You be standing where I'm standing
But you're standing in the way
I rode, blast it, don't chop, when it don't stop
Don't stop getting more guap 'cause my flow high
Still high, watched a lot of rubber till the boat ride
Don't stop, every kind of blunt like a smoke shop
Booth with a cushion, straight bars never mind where the hooker
I hooked up with a crib with the cool cash
I'm in the Chev look forward, never look back
I got a black four four in a book bag
Good luck that po po never took that
So pull me over on the shoulder
Lift me over like promoters
Got a smart motherfucker with a book
That H2O, your game's too slow
I smoke my draw, I count my dough
Fuck you Mac Miller I'm a killer gorilla
You a show to the shoes full of me, you a hoe
But fuck all that so I moved on
2013 I right my wrongs
Truth be told he ... a grater way before he got his first four
That's strong that's ever doing that ever shit
Probably need me a therapist
Out of way to take care of it
He's got the spell in comparison
Light skin, dark skin, Asian and white women
I go all out for the right women
So leave out all that nice linen
It's a ninth ten and I like when
And I'm the troop you should get used to
I don't travel light, I got a Maserati so we can fuck around in my chu-chu
A real kind of boy, I eat foo-foo
I ain't running, I'mma run through you
When I'm buzzed my niggas go coo-coo
I'm talking home invasions on YouTube
You want dope sold I need a boatload
I got a lot of homies that's moving
Get the right plug, turn the power on
And when it's game time I ain't losing
You ain't got to test me, I'll prove it
I'll make it all back and regroup it
And for every dollar I'mma chase them off
That Zuckerberg ain't Cuban, nigga

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