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Paroles de Maxwell de Pro Era

Maxwell est une chanson de Pro Era pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 07 mars 2013.

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This is the highest cost
Take you and make you off
Love you and leave you lost
Will you forgive me?
This is the highest cost
Take you and make you off
Love you and leave you lost
Will you forgive me?

Stop with all the grieving
Love or hate, what do you believe in?
You could have my heart
Just take or leave it
Give it all for one
One for old times sake
I know you heard 'em talkin' 'bout how them old times great
So we should,
Take it back to the 99 days
PS I'll be your sunshine
And you could be rays,
I'm feeling this way too long for it to be a phase, page or chapter,
So skip to the happily every after
Please, dreams or fame
You're still my biggest fantasy,
We're connected I'm a cancer see,
It's not a tough question at all,
Can I call you?
Just answer me
Just answer me
Goldy locks I could be your big papa
Bare wit' me
I'll bare the light if you'll share the sticky
And I don't wanna break up
You still wit' me?
Short term or long term
You can't forget me
The G


I guess I gotta say this shit in Spanish
Like girl, let em' know who your man is
Tried to use my manners
You didn't want a companion
Fuck if I'm sexist,
Sex is what keep you guessing
And I probably got you stressing
When I'm not up in your section,
But you could find me in dimensions
Tryin to outsource the last girl to make my head spin
Old chickens
When I axe
How thier heads' spin,
Trust their your bitches
Court sliping for attention
Said she gotta be wilin' with respect
If you diving in wit neck
Get a diamond on your necklace
She can't swallow it if the timin don't effect me
Knockin 'em all down,
Diming no efection,
Yeah I got some trust issues
But I want the lust tissues,
Enough to f*ck wit' you
Like, I know it hurts
But you love the way you it tickles
So I guess it's safe to say you want a pickle


Yeah, uh
And I won't forget you
And I don't regret you
Even though I wasn't on your mind at times
I missed you
And still appreciating all the times we've been through
Just dealing with your mind
Such a complex mental
With a smile so fine
I wanna find the dime so
I know her curves well
Used to draw her stencil
Won't you sharp my pencil
Always was so official with the things we into
But she always seeing different
I'm too good to be true
How we started off?
Friends in the middle of school
Now I'm touching her heart
From inside of this book
Reaching out to them stars
Like how she wanted us too
So even though I our love lost
Could I hit it on you?
And I know you won't front
Cause you know how I do
So could I tell you what's gone
When I give you that ooh
Cause only me and you


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