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Paroles de Mind Fucked de Cassow

Mind Fucked est une chanson de Cassow pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en septembre 2013.

Les paroles de Mind Fucked ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent toujours des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Mind too fuck just to give 2 fucks about none of this shit
Came from the gut if I make a new guy to come in this bitch
Go, who ride? Too clipsy run in this bitch
Go off to a spot, I run the room now I run in this bitch
Easy, leave me top on point like a TP nature
Get a loot of TP then I pass it down to the...
Stop to the PPP I drew that
I owned it got scored then I balled
You threw it back like I loaned it
Pinches like I cloned it
I sip cause I poured t
God damn I had a broke bitch
C nose have C no
Made a new way you could see those
That pussy so wet, me swim with swimsuit
Jump suit down on them sacks make them plus 2
Call me it's the everyday you give me
Anything I could make it everything
Two host threw shots like a free throw
High on the mooner like a peep on P
Fall it by let it zeros, zeros
You say that these hoes need a cape and a row powder
Coulda be a hero
Black Chevvy with the black titties
Nigger like tonight we're getting rich
Bro code and no go
Why you pick so many photos?
In the club and got no dough
Local ass nigger in a local ass mind
She gonna always be loco
We on like 3K
Drake gave birth to the north west
Fuckers think that Kanye got them purple
Entre, eat'em I'm like touché
I just grind hard when I posted you
I done came for, I'm close to you
This shades on I know it's you
Nothing like a female on
Pussy in the detail
Say my states is pre well
And chain braids and two ways

Money and money and money and money
And money and money and money and money
Money and money and money and money
And money and money and money and money
Only catch a real nigger right by me
Mind on my side how the hell you surprised?

Rich shit, guilty ride that grind shit
Scared just to grind
Sideline nigger on that bench shit
Trying to hit a lid tryna hide a bitch anything
Tell a nigger switch piece got a piece
This killing shit got a nigger shit

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