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Paroles de Mrs. Right de Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons

Mrs. Right est une chanson issue de l'album #1 Girl (piste numéro 11) de Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons sorti en 2011.
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Where is Mrs. Right
I gotta find her

Where is Mrs. Right
I gotta see her
Travel all across the world just to meet her
Get me on a flight
I gotta see her
Travel all across the world just to meet her
Travel to LA and maybe to the Bay
From the Chi-Town
But she might be out the states
Book a flight to London
Book a flight to France
Can we go to Switzerland
Can we hit Japan

Shawty say ya don't but I bet you do
MB on your ringtone, posters in your room
Sassy little thing, li-like the way you talk
Heard you got the goods go ahead show them off
Take a picture quick, send it to my phone
Dimple in your cheek, white Gucci stunnas on
Don't know where you've been hiding from me so long
Prodigy, Roc, Ray Ray and Princeton we on
So baby come on


Light skin-ded, or dark dark skin-ded
Long hair, don't care, long as your hearts in it
Looking for my Misses
Enough to drive me insane
Matter of fact, ay yo Prodigy sang

Hoppin on a plane, coming straight to y'all
In Tokyo we say Konichiwa is off the wall
London in the spring, Pa-Paris in the fall
We don't discriminate girls no we love 'em all
All my German chicks, let me kiss ya back
Open up your Mac Book, put me on your lap
Stay sending me smiley faces on the chat
Met some good girls, yeah they all over the map
But where she at, where she at


Flying so high, so high
Destination everywhere
Gotta find a way to get to where
You are, you are

Where's my Mrs. Right now
I need her right now
I got some things I want to say
So I'm gonna write it down
Write me down, write me down
If I like you, you wife me now
I predict one day we'll be together
I'm a psychic (aowww)
Been to the south, been to the Bay
Even took a few trips out of States
I know you an angel
So maybe I should look outer space
D, I, Double G, Y's lookin for the right the one
Prodigy, Double R, Princeton, Ray Ray
Let 'em know where you're coming from


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Genre : Pop, Rock | Major : Universal | Label : Polydor
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