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Paroles de My Soul de Dubb, JakeetPapa

My Soul est une chanson de Dubb, JakeetPapa pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 13/09/2013.

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Pour my soul out on this

Uh we're talkin live, friend and fuck yo brother
When not a soul alive ever gave a fuck about her
You didn't have a dollar but he had some hustle bout her
You being on your grind is something that you must surround em
Get head was like 'cus it's lackin that ambition
Nobody said I'm slippin, I just make a transition
Transformed into a soldier on that one man mission
Hoes want all my time but I'm just one man bitches
Out here tryna take it 'cus it's nothing that was given
Every day it's prissy gods, the reapers in the prisons
Sleepin on the floor, I was deep up in them trenches
Trappin while I'm rappin, one day the world will listen nigga

Ooh one day they gon miss it
And I'll always remember when they didn't
Reminiscing when I had no pot to piss in
(Missin, missin) missin
Ooh I just wanna share my soul
Can I share my soul?
My sooooooul

Uh, hard work beats talent
It's much worse when a hard worker got talent
That's when I cause damage to these so-called rappers
Thinking that you illin nigga
Shit they must've put yo brain in backwards
Go and aks the streets, Young DUBB been official
And I don't make a move unless the move is beneficial
Emcee scared once a nigga kick the shit like AC nigga, I had a nigga shittin bricks
Seen your video, 100 raps I ain't convinced
You played a trained killer, couldn't even make a hit
Swallowed pain killers 'cus I'm leavin, are you hurtin?
Driver pull the hearse and hoes close the curtains
Easy tourin, stayed hungry, I became starving
Create my own space, I made my own margin
Rose in the concrete, I have my whole garden
I'll be a aviator til I'm dearly departed

Ooh til I'm there at the party
'Cus I was tryin to finish what I started
You're mine, can't be nothing that parted
I just wanna share my soul
Can I share my soul?
My sooooooul

Different strokes for different folks that seems to be in peace
But let's be clear, you fuck with me man I will bleed to see you bleed
All in all it's nothing
Well can you make a friend
I don't care about nothing nothing nothing
Nothing nothing nothing
I don't care about me

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