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Paroles de Nightmares Of The Bottom de Trey Songz

Nightmares Of The Bottom est une chanson de Trey Songz pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 12/09/2011.

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Oh, let me hold up ..
You see I'm simply complicated like a free...
You're so not so my equal, you love her but I'm fucking her
I .. the free code!
My bitch bad, bad it ain't yours
I'm big shit, nigger, elephant ...
I give a fuck about whatever you heard,
Cause don't fuck speak a relevant words
You say you're fire, but you never get burnt,
Got now and next, so it's never your turn!
I swear you aid the mother fuckers gonna learn,
It's like .. I want my money like the nigger big worm
Nightmares that trouble ... and my dick burn.
I swear I'll be talking... you see you gotta...
Stallion, bitch, mike ... in the barn,
No bullshit, like I'm cleaning up the farm...
I'm so heroine, needle in the arm,
You're so marlin, get off my charm!
F. Kennedy, f enemies, smile.... I should spend less energy!
After all we are, know...
Say trey, .. to send the Hennessy
Your negativity such a bad tendency,
Cause baby momma saying let your baby swim in me
Fraud nigger, I don't know how to pretend to be
No, respect what you accept, respect what you regret
Give your best and not your last,
Yes, even when you're dealing with the stress
If this is one thing that I want, I'm talking...
I'm rich but I ain't fake yet,
Money on my mind, but I ain't thinking
I'm falling but I ain't dump yet,
I'm fuzzing, but I ain't drunk yet,
All I do is shit you never be
But I still ain't thirsty yet!
Fresh until my death, I get right moves to the left!
Smoke a lot, ya nigger you're so dead,
Got a bad bitch, with a bad bitch, I'm a savage...
Sweat, camera set, my life is a movie and I do camera...
I'm over, over dosing, my mental is over loading,
If the link is over load, baby you just hit refresh!
I met with the future last week, and they said you won't be there!
I figure, I should tell you know, so you won't be scared!
I kill a rapper, ain't sentence, no it don't be fare,
I got bars, heavy sentence, and I want the chairs
...eating lobster...
Automobile bitches with me...
Lyrical drills, cracking .. for calling rock'n roll
Nigger say they hear my heels soft, so they doctor shows
No physicians, prescription, is worth submitted
Sickness, I'm spitting, just listen I'm Charles Dickens'!
Not in for pretty women, I'm sticking my large dick in it
Dreams of Rihanna and Nicky Minaj licking.
I'm tripping, I'm tripping I never fall down
Hey, chapter .. red bottles, that's really...
Or even fake it, they fake it, I just fucked her, but he hated
He's a sucker, now he hate a mother fucker cause I'm greater!
You niggers... I got what you all...
..never made it, cause she swallow them
After that she holler him, she's thinking about...
Suggest that I'm investing the same as she...
She thinks she's my rider bitch...
Keep the green growing, whores growing in my garden shit
Whores digging in my garden shit!
My flow murderous, I should touch hater to kiss him,
Kill a rapper, make the nigger tell... I miss him!
Energy, few bodies, niggers that envy me, dude,
Many of you have the tendency to mimic my moves
Isn't it true? ..something that you wish...
No start button, won't pause for nothing,
I ain't spitting, I'm throwing up, cause you nigger's disgusting!
These bitches is... you niggers is coughing,
The young and flashy nigger ...
I feel like.. or puff daddy notorious...
I just fuck a lot...
Hold up, yeah, like..
..bring my shit back tomorrow
I'm what you mens ain't
Just keep the ...
You ain't getting the picture, get your lens changed,
Get your lens chained!

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